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Industry 4.0: An Inspiration to Smart Packaging Systems

26 Dec 2021, 03:33 GMT+10

Automation is inevitable; whether you like it or not, you can't escape it. Automation is infiltrating every industry, whether it is educational, financial, or industrial. Similarly, smart packaging systems are adopting automation. You've probably heard of the term 'industry 4.0.' Have you? If you haven't heard of it, in this blog, I'll explain what it is and how it relates to smart packaging systems. So, without further ado, let's get right to the topic.

The concept of industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 refers to the automation and data interchange in manufacturing technologies such as the internet of things, cyber-physical systems, cloud computing, and the creation of smart factories, among others. The fourth industrial revolution focuses on automation, machine learning, real-time data interchange, interconnection, and automation.

The problems in building industry 4.0 and their bad effects

Even while there are several benefits to industry 4.0, there is also a negative aspect to the trend that we cannot overlook. Let me explain some of the negative consequences of building Industry 4.0.

High energy consumption caused by laggard technologies

Power is the main fuel of industry 4.0. As a result, industry 4.0's key concern is power consumption. Laggard technologies consume a lot of energy, which might cause major energy issues.

  • High rate of producing faulty products

The high rate of generating defective goods is the next negative effect of Industry 4.0, which has the potential to severely limit the technology's influence as well as its appeal.

  • Low degree of automation

The phrase 'industry 4.0' refers to automation, yet owing to a lack of automation in current systems, achieving industry 4.0 is challenging.

  • Poor managing systems

The poor managing systems is a hurdle in the way to building and implementing industry 4.0.

  • Inefficient production line

To build and implement a well-established industry 4.0, we need an efficient production line. A lack of which can cause many bad effects.

The advantages of Tech-Long and how it solves these problems

Let's analyze the affirmative side of industry 4.0. To help you better understand, let me elaborate it with the help of an example, i.e., Tech-Long's blowing-labeling-filling-capping monobloc machine. The blowing labeling filling capping monobloc machine is designed to integrate molding, labeling, filling, and capping in one block. It is one of the most advanced technology for water bottle filling and soda filling. Let's uncover its advantages.

  • Integrated & customized production line

Monobloc's smart packaging solutions, which are driven by Industry 4.0, provide an integrated and customizable manufacturing line. It is meant to save 20-30% occupied area as compared to traditional production lines. Furthermore, it may be used to replace some modes of transportation before the labeler, such as an air dryer for the bottle body, pressure-free conveyor, to name a few, thus bringing the notion of smart packaging systems to life.

  • High production efficiency

The next advantage of smart packaging systems is the high production efficiency. The monobloc smart packaging systems are designed to offer an efficiency of more than 98%. This high production efficiency can revolutionize the whole supply chain.

  • Protection of transferring the goods

The bottle gripper of monobloc smart packaging systems provides outstanding bottle body protection. It also works with a broad range of bottle sizes, allowing for a rapid change-over of the bottle body.

  • Energy-saving machines

Tech-Long is well known for its energy-efficient solutions. Tech-Long's sophisticated energy-saving technology is built into the monobloc smart packaging systems. It has the potential to cut energy usage. It is designed to save 40-55% of high-pressure air and 25-35% of the power.

  • Functional operating system

The blowing labeling filling capping monobloc has a functional operating system that ensures seamless smart packaging operations. Moreover, the smart packaging systems of Tech-Long has an MES intelligent management system with multiple functions, including control, maintenance, and management.

  • Flexible adapting ability

The blowing-labeling-filling-capping monobloc is extremely adaptable. The machine is very compatible with the size of bottles. As a result, we can claim that the monobloc's automatic packaging is one of Tech-Long's most helpful and adaptable smart packaging systems. The device is built to offer a fast speed, high accuracy, and stable packaging operation in your company. The monobloc is the best industrial automation system. You should buy this product and experience a drastic change in your industry's operations.


Tech-Long, a pioneer in industrial equipment manufacturing, has accumulated a wealth of national and international contracting management experience. It is one of the few international suppliers with fully automated packaging operations that can produce completed items from PET pellets. Tech-Long has established itself as an industry leader with years of expertise. Tech-Long is dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality services at a reasonable price. Please do not hesitate to contact Tech-Long.

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