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Utilize small space with loft bed

26 May 2022, 21:42 GMT+10

Need extra space but don't want to move? Looking for the kind of furniture that can be multi-purpose and save you some space? There are furniture pieces such as loft beds that can provide you with a place to sleep, and a place to work, and also give you additional storage. A low loft bed with space below is great for kids and adults alike and the bed with desk below creates an excellent utilization of little spaces by making use of the vertical area that might otherwise go unused. Not only that, loft bed ideas for low ceilings are also space-saving beds, as the top part is usually the bed part while the bottom part can be used for something useful, such as extra storage space or even for a desk. The beauty about loft beds is that they can be customized the way you want based on your interests.

Loft beds suit small homes

With covid-19 and many people losing their jobs or having their work hours cut, many people are moving to smaller homes. Not only the kids, but the adults too are making use of loft beds to make the best of smaller spaces.

You get low loft beds that have been designed for low ceiling homes. An average low loft bed is only just over 4 feet tall. Be careful to measure the height of your ceilings before considering a loft bed, It is important to have 33 to 36 inches of space between the mattress and the ceiling.

So your ceiling needs to be about 100 high, four inches more than your regular 8-foot ceiling. Be sure to always measure your bedroom from floor to ceiling before settling on a particular loft bed option.

If your ceiling is under 8 feet though, loft bed manufacturers can customize the loft bed to be lower.

You've got room below for living

Loft beds for adults are always space-saving, maximizing vertical space and leaving more room below for living. As a space-saving solution, they are a superb option for anyone wanting to know how they can make the most of a small room.

You don't have to think that loft beds are just for kids. You just have to bear in mind that for adults, the loft bed will be a little bit different from a loft bed for kids. The loft bed for adults will need to be long enough and wide enough for an adult to be comfortable in it. There should also be sufficient headroom for an adult to sit up without bumping their head on the ceiling.

For a child's bedroom with a low ceiling, a low loft bed with a desk & storage serves as a place to sleep, study and play. Whether you're a child or an adult, a loft bed provides the golden opportunity to add much-needed additional storage to a small bedroom.

Have a Guard Rail on your Loft Bed

They're fun kind of beds whether you're a child or an adult, but because they put anyone at a reasonable height, it is best to be safe and to avoid any unwanted tumbling off by having a guard rail to provide security.

There are other accessories to loft beds that are essential, and of course, one is the ladder. The ladder can either be part of the loft bed carpentry or you can have an individual ladder. Adding some kind of loft bed lighting is also important for safety because when the main light has been switched off you don't want to be fumbling about in the dark looking for the ladder.

Adults seeing the practicality of loft beds

As mentioned, more and more people are moving to smaller homes as money is tight. Loft beds have always been for kids but adults are seeing their practicality in small homes.

Loft beds save space but you just have to make sure their height is not too close to the ceiling. However, even rooms with low ceilings can take the opportunity to add extra floor space to their small rooms.

You'll certainly need enough ceiling height so that the space underneath the loft bed can be used for something useful. There are so many stylish loft bed ideas for kids and adults that maximize the space in your bedroom, even in a home with low ceilings.

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