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Austin is one of the busiest cities in Texas. The roads are congested, and ceaseless traffic is one of the prime features of this city. Hence, with such a traffic load, the chances of accidents are also high. The article will provide a comprehensive and brief idea about the statistical data of the car accidents in Austin, Texas, the reasons for accidents, and how to get help after car accidents.

Car Accident Record in Austin

Approximately 111 crashes have been reported in Austin, which led to 120 deaths. Among these crashes, 92 are considered highly fatal, which caused 95 deaths. The statistics show that most of the accidents occurred in April, as per reports. In the list of the dead, there are from 3 years old to regular pedestrians or drivers.

Thus, the record is quite heavy on the city. Hence, this demands a discussion of why so many accidents occur in Austin and Texas frequently. Follow the next segment to get an idea.

What are the Obvious Reasons for Accidents in Austin?

The negligence and ill practices among the drivers of Texas are the main reasons for such a frequent series of accidents. These are listed below:

  • Rule Violation

It has been seen quite common among the drivers of Texas. They tend to break the life-saving traffic rules and indulge in rough driving, tailgate other cars, follow the wrong direction etc.

  • Car Repairing Negligence

This is one of the most harmful causes of car accidents. This is because not repairing a vehicle properly will lead to loss of control during an emergency or cause many other troubles.

  • Impaired Driving

Driving under the effect of alcohol or drugs is called as impaired driving which is illegal and the reason for the maximum number of fatal accidents. This ill practice is also one of the major causes of accidents in Texas.

Besides, drivers often get distracted by calling or operating phones while driving. Therefore, this negligence is not at all compromisable, and car accident victims should opt for car accident lawyers in Austin for help.

What to Do After a Car Accident?

If you are a victim of a car accident in Austin, you can follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

  • Check Yourself and Others First
  • Soon as you face a car accident and come out of the scene safely, check the physical harm to you and others in your car. As a car accident is a severe shock, you may not understand the fatality of your injuries, so it is better to call 911 for help.

  • Go for Medical Aid
  • As soon as you leave the accident scene, try to go to the nearest hospital for medical attention. Sometimes, you may not see any visible injury, but there might be an intense effect that should be treated immediately.

  • Inform the Police
  • Under any circumstances, do not avoid informing the authority about the accident. At the scene, you can call the emergency number and follow the proper procedure of filing a report. Austin Police Department has several reporting categories, such as Driver's Crash report, Crash Service, Crash HS Hot Shot etc.

  • Collect Evidence
  • Collecting evidence from the accident place is very important as it will help in future. You can ask for wholesome compensation for your loss; however, not proving your demand with the proper evidence may cause a hindrance. Victims can contact car accident lawyers in Austin for this task, as they will do it more professionally.

  • Seek Legal Help
  • If you notice that the offender is not cooperating with you in giving you compensation or abusing you in any way, you should go for legal compliance. However, choosing an efficient car accident lawyer is of utmost necessity for taking legal steps.


    Car accidents are tricky to deal with, and one should be very active in dealing with legal complications related to car accidents. However, the police department of Austin is trying to control the activities of drivers causing frequent accidents. Further, victims of car accidents should be prompt in taking action a the evidence gets tampered after some time, or the offender may try to do so. Thus consider this guide to know what you need to do after any car accident in Austin.

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