Thu, 02 Feb 2023

Are you looking for a country to move to? Or just want to get documents from another state for tax or other preferences? Island countries offer some of the most favorable conditions for this. The island states have long had special programs.

For example, it is possible to get Dominica citizenship for making a specific investment. Immigrant Invest expert Victoria Atanasova notes that it is possible to buy a house or invest in one of the local funds. The latter method involves a more modest investment, but the money can not be returned. However, the real estate later in a few years is quite realistic to resell.

Dominica citizenship by investment program benefits are apparent - the right to stay in the country legally, to work, the possibility of visa-free travel to more than 140 countries, the chance to include relatives in the application, minimal taxes, and the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful climate.

An additional advantage is a fact that Dominica citizenship can be arranged online. Therefore, it is not necessary to go anywhere. Furthermore, it is very convenient because all questions can be solved remotely.

What are the conditions for Dominica's citizenship?

It will be possible to evaluate the Dominica citizenship benefits in three to four months. A well-developed program facilitates it. Since thousands of depositors have already applied, you won't have any problems. However, initially, you need to submit an application and wait for its consideration. There are minimal requirements for potential applicants in this country. In particular, they relate to the following:

  1. The age of the principal applicant. Only adults can apply. However, other family members may also be included.
  2. Proof of income. You will need to provide documents to prove that your assets were obtained legally. The country does not want to deal with fraudsters or those who try to hide from the tax authorities.
  3. Provision of a certificate of no criminal record.

The rules are simple enough. Here at, you can learn more about the peculiarities of paperwork and the specifics of all the procedures. Now there is nothing complicated about it.

Potential investors are invited to make one of two types of investments. The first is a $100,000 donation to a state fund. The second is the purchase of real estate from a list approved by state representatives. In this case, you need to contribute 200000 dollars. Both options are pretty rational so that everyone can choose the right one.

Main Dominica passport benefits

Contributing funds is the first step to becoming a Dominica passport holder in the future. You can apply for a passport six months after submitting the first document.

The main pros will be:

  1. It is much more affordable than programs elsewhere in the world. It is enough to pay $100,000. Therefore, many potential contributors can secure a residence permit.
  2. The possibility to freely discover new countries. Among Dominica's passport benefits, this is considered one of the most obvious. Document holders have access to 153 countries around the globe. Discover new points on the map without the need for additional documents.
  3. Nice nature. You can rest comfortably on the island. There is a high service level, so every guest feels the care and support. Moreover, Dominica has a lot of beautiful natural landscapes. So connoisseurs of natural beauty will surely want to stay here.
  4. Advantageous tax system. You practically do not have to deal with taxes. If you have a business in another country, you won't have to pay a fee for this one. As a result, among the main advantages are favorable conditions for running your business. The state does not hinder the development of the private initiative.
  5. Recognition of dual citizenship. This practice became effective much earlier than 2022. The registration of documents in this country does not imply that giving up the existing passport is necessary. That is why papers here are often issued for specific purposes, such as business development.
  6. Export privileges and other preferences for business. Such support is significant at the initial stage. However, it will allow you to develop your business and make your first profit quickly.
  7. Well-established operation of the program. You won't have to wait long for documents to be processed. The percentage of positive answers is also very high.

Thus, everyone who cares about their health or wants to enjoy quality service can now arrange for the documents of this country. It is very convenient and takes little time. In return, investors will receive full support from the state and the opportunity to develop their businesses. The principal applicant and his family members can appreciate these benefits.


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