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Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter: Which to Choose?

03 Jan 2023, 12:50 GMT+10

Have you heard? Have you tried? Did you know that the electric scooters, a relatively new mode of transportation that has penetrated the global market scene this decade, has quickly gained popularity and patronage among the teens and adults.

Curiosity was one of the reasons. Then novelty. And then, the undeniable amazing discovery that electric scooters offer a green alternative to petrol scooters. Add to that, e-scooters more affordable too.

True, e-scooters have a shorter range than petrol, and they're better for short commutes or for running errands around town. They're easier to charge and definitely fuel-free -- simply plug in the electric scooters' battery to charge them before your next use. They are eco-friendly and cost-effective, which makes them a good transportation alternative. Look around you, as the electric scooter market grows over the years, these PMD (personal mobility devices) are likewise growing, faster than you can imagine.

Comparing the electric scooter with petrol scooter

Indeed, the two-wheeler technology has come a long way in the last few years after its not-so subtle entry into the transportation market. Nowadays, the prospective buyer of a vehicle can choose from various options, and that includes preferring Australia's PMDs, the homegrown superior quality brand Mearth with its top-tier, high-performing electric scooter models -- the entry level e-scooter, commuter e-scooter, long-range e-scooter, and the on-and-off-terrain heavy duty electric scooters, over other brands in the market.

Presently, PMDs like Mearth run in contrast with automobiles on the market that are still powered by petroleum. It is only a matter of time, as the future may hold non-carbon-based fuels even as many domestic automakers are placing their bets on electric vehicles.

To you the seeker of better options-- are you in the market for a new scooter? Do you know which type of scooter is best for your needs? Is it better or not, to embrace newer, greener technology or cling to pollution-laden traditional mode of transport?

So what is it going to be? Electric Scooter or Petrol Scooter? Let us help you make an informed choice:

  1. On maintenance

No doubt about it. Petrol scooters require more maintenance more than electric scooters. The only maintenance that e-scooters require is regularly cleaning the batteries, and motor, tyres, etc.

Petrol scooters, however, require regular maintenance at a service station to keep them in good working order and ensure their longevity.

The cost of maintaining the electric scooter is almost nil and an insignificant expense.

  1. On Running Cost

Going up, not down. The exorbitant prices of gas or fuels such as petroleum have increased the cost of owning a petrol scooter. Electric vehicles run on electricity, which is basically more affordable than fuel. Petrol prices, on the other hand, frequently go up and this puts riders under stress.

  1. On Performance

Electric scooters are the clear winner because they are faster, smoother, and more responsive. An electric scooter is more convenient for city use when pinching through gaps in the midst of bottleneck traffic giving swift acceleration.

In addition, electric scooters have much more torque than traditional scooters and this help improve their performance. Electric scooters simply have a higher peak torque compared to fuel-powered scooters.

  1. On Refueling + Recharging

While it can be considered as the downside of an electric scooter since it takes a few hours to charge a battery, Mearth's clear advantage is that it has hot, swappable batteries. They are detachable, which means that the rider can take one out and charge it separately and use the other one, which is a spare and fully charged.

  1. On Environment Friendliness

As a number of research have confirmed, scooters powered by electricity are significantly more eco-friendly than those powered by petrol. They emit almost zero carbon dioxide than the typical oil-guzzler petrol engine.

Are you already an electric scooter owner? Electric scooters do not contribute to toxic air pollution, as do petroleum scooters that are already established to pose significant health and environmental risks.

  1. On Range And Usability

True, electric scooters have a shorter operational range than traditional petrol-powered scooters. So, in order to extend one's commute from short distances to a longer one, it is necessary to get an extra, swappable battery to fully enjoy one's trip, wherever, on different terrain. Mearth's superior charging infrastructure which is its hot, swappable batteries, has been able to solve this problem.

  1. On matters of Convenience

Electric scooters require at least 2-3 hour charge and, sometimes even beyond before they are ready to go on a trip. This is why riders are encouraged to fully charge their e-scooter's battery beforehand before their actual use, depending on the time as designated in the e-scooter owner's manual, to avoid getting inconvenienced.

Sure, refueling takes only a few minutes to refill a petroleum-powered scooter and then, the rider is ready to head out on his journey. But the issue here is far that while a petrol-powered scooter offers fueling convenience, the burden to its rider accumulates due to the rising cost of fuel. Head to head, it is not really an advantage over an electric scooter.

Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter - which one to choose in 2023?

The verdict is clear:

Seriously? An electric scooter makes practical sense if you reside in a big city, as you can have access to charging at your home or office, and be able to use an electric scooter for long-range trips, not just for short distances. The hot, swappable batteries will let you achieve the range you want to reach. Your ride on an electric scooter is smooth, fast, and easy to maneuver and navigate.

Given the current rising price of petrol, electric scooters are absolutely more cost-effective to operate. They are dependable, easy to maintain, and durable too.

Petrol scooters, on the other hand, are durable, dependable too and can be adequately maintained over many years. They can be taken anywhere-- just fill up the tank and go.

With everything quite wobbly, it is a given that the vehicle you choose will be the one that best meets your requirements based on major considerations.

Let's cut to the chase and dig in deeper.

What is the lifespan of an electric scooter? When properly maintained, an electric scooter's lifespan can go beyond 3-5 years.

Can an electric scooter reach hilly areas? Yes, it is very feasible for electric scooters to climb hills and go downhill as well. Mearth offers the GTS MAX, an on-and-off-terrain, heavy duty electric scooter. The GTS Max models are dubbed as road champions because they can traverse off-the-grid roads, uneven paths, climb up hills and go down jagged paths with the rider feeling comfortable, in control, and can navigate thru steep or less traveled areas, braking smoothly as needed.

Are electric scooters safe?

Electric scooters are safe but you need to know and be familiar with the road safety checklist before riding in order to avoid accidents or casualties.

All things considered, electric scooters are predicted to take over as the most important mode of personal transportation -- soon. The undeniable and numerous advantages of electric scooters can no longer be diminished or ignored. What needs to be settled very soon is the infrastructure that supports electric scooters as it differs in many ways from the infrastructure that supports petrol-powered scooters. Comparatively, the hedge of electric scooters comes in the veritable search for a better, sustainable mode of transport that supports environmental sustainability and good governance. For our future and this planet.


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