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The term "magic mushrooms" is frequently used to describe mushrooms that contain psilocybin, the psychoactive natural substance. Psilocybin is present in a few mushroom species, although Psilocybe is the most abundant.

Psilocybe mushrooms come in various varieties, each with distinctive physical characteristics and cultivation requirements. Here are some of the well-known dried mushrooms that you can get from online dispensaries of magic mushrooms in Ontario and other areas if you're curious about what they do and look like:

Brazilian Psilocybe Cubensis

Brazil and some neighbouring South American territories are home to the magic mushroom species, Brazilian Cubensis. These mushrooms are a perfect pick for novices since they are a great example of a moderately powerful Psylocibe Cubensis and offer a balanced experience that is neither overpowering nor overbearing.

This variety of hallucinogenic mushrooms is distinguished by its enormous, prolific mushrooms, which have larger caps and smaller stems. Brazilian Cubensis is highly praised by many psychedelic users for its powerful, enduring high and perceptive psychoactive effects.

Intense visual stimulation, pleasant, upbeat high, and psychoactive qualities are all present in this unique variety of magic mushrooms that may aid users with behavioural and mental problems. Brazilian Cubensis is a multifunctional mushroom excellent for microdosing and recreational and medicinal usage. Because of its many effects, this strain is suitable for use in various settings and situations.

Brazilian strains are well-recognized for their extreme trips and quick hits. After ingesting some Brazilian mushrooms, you may anticipate experiencing its benefits in as little as 30 minutes, along with lots of enthusiasm, exhilaration, and visual stimulation.

Blue Meanies

A delicate mushroom with the common name "Blue Meanies," Panaeolus cyanescens thrives in warm, tropical climates. The cow and water buffalo manure is where the mushrooms grow. As they mature, the fruiting bodies typically develop blue flakes on top of their black spores.

Compared to less uncommon/easier to cultivate strains like the Golden Teacher, Blue Meanies are well renowned for having healthy, high concentrations of psilocin and psilocybin and for being far more hallucinogenic. The recreational use of mushrooms for festivals and festivities, as well as for artistic expression, has a long tradition among the people of Bali in particular (and for inspiration).

Due to their hallucinogenic properties, Blue Meanies are frequently marketed to travellers and tourists in Bali and surrounding areas. This strain produces bliss, visions, enthusiasm, and excessive giggling, among other effects. Serotonin and tryptophan are also produced by this strain in addition to the psychotropic substances. While the brain has the neurotransmitter serotonin, tryptophan is a necessary amino acid that can only be found in a regimen.

While some experts believe that psilocybin might cause "madness" or illnesses like schizophrenia, others were drawn to the creative impacts, changes in cognitive functioning, and spiritual or mystical experiences that this psychedelic brought them.

Golden Teacher

Golden Teacher is one of magic mushrooms' most well-known and popular strains. Because of its powerful psychedelic experience, it is a favourite among psychonauts worldwide. Their modest quantities of psilocybin and psilocin make them the most famous for their mystical qualities or spiritual effects instead of just tripping.

This mushroom truly lives up to its name because of its brilliant golden crowns and wise words. Consuming Golden Teachers will make you feel enlightened and help you establish a connection to nature. Great potential for mental and spiritual healing. These hallucinogenic magic mushrooms are safe for both amateurs and experienced.

A starting dosage for people interested in travelling with Golden Teachers would be about two grams of dry mushrooms. The benefits may be felt with two grams without making the user feel out of control or overwhelmed. Three to four grams is a moderate dosage, and five grams or more would start a transcendent experience.

A microdose might be a practical first step for beginners who want to experiment with mushrooms like Golden Teachers but aren't ready for a full-on adventure. To help you master the transformative potential of psychedelics like Golden Teachers, Third Wave provides thorough microdosing training. As a result, you may enter flow states and engage with your inner purpose while feeling confident and enlightened.


The different strains' and batches' effects do vary. Some are significantly stronger than others. Naturally, your tolerance level and the number of mushrooms you take also are factors to consider. The potency of the effects is based on how much psilocybin is consumed. Some users opt for a microdose, which prevents them from experiencing the full psychedelic effects.


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