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Would you like to create animated videos without installing any apps on your device? Or perhaps you are looking to find an online-based free animation software. Then this guide is the perfect reference for you.

I will list and explain 10 free animation websites you can use to make animated videos online. You will see their features and learn which among them is our top pick. Let's dive in.

But, before we do, in case you are in a rush and would like a quick snippet of what this guide has to offer, here's a list of the tools reviewed in this article:

  1. Doratoon
  2. Animaker
  3. Wondershare Filmora
  4. Powtoon
  5. Biteable
  6. Renderforest
  7. Vyond
  8. Animatron
  9. Moovly
  10. Canva

Now that you know which cartoon makers you will find on this page, let us expound on each website and look into its features.

1. Doratoon

Doratoon is an impressive web-based cartoon maker equipped with all the features and assets needed to create a stunning animation video. It is suitable for making quality clips that are engaging and fun to watch. This software is a one-stop shop, and you can use it to create infographics, whiteboards, typography, and 3D and 2D animation.

Despite its abundant animation assets and advanced features, Doratoon is easy to use and suitable for beginners and professionals. It has a user-friendly interface cleverly designed to make the website fun to interact with. This design also makes it easy to locate templates, characters, and props and include them in your video.

Doratoon's webpage is accessible via any web browser and only takes a few seconds to load. This means you can develop your video in the shortest time possible. While this animation maker is available for free, it also has a premium version that can enable you to do more with this tool.


  • Text-to-speech conversion

Doratoon has an integrated text-to-speech conversion feature, so you do not need to hire voice actors for your animated videos.

  • Path animation

You can outline a predetermined path or abstract line for your animated characters to0 follow in the video. It helps to add a sense of motion.

  • One-click publishing

Once you are done creating your clip, publishing it is a pure breeze as you only need a single click. You can also export in various formats.

  • Smooth transitions

Doratoon offers creative transition effects to help smoothen the switch from one scene to the next. Transition effects give videos a professional appeal.

2. Animaker

This is a robust animated video maker that provides six video styles to create fully customized animation clips. These styles include 2D, 2.5D, typography, and handcraft. It is a popular choice among creators and has won a startup award. You can leverage Animaker to create professional or fun videos with ease, regardless of whether you have prior knowledge in animating.

Animaker is ideal for creating colorful cartoons and has an intuitive interface that makes work easier. Videos created on Animaker are of studio quality and can be targeted toward any audience. The broad range of animated characters also means you can create animations based on any topic.


  • 100+ fonts and animations.
  • Premade templates.
  • Creative scene backgrounds.
  • Over a million stock photos and videos.

3. Wondershare Filmora


Wondershare Filmora is a renowned website for animation creation and is trusted by over 100 million users in over 150 countries around the globe. Filmora offers more control and provides deeper customization on your animated video. It features high-quality preset templates categorized into various groups to make them neater and easier to locate.

This software has nifty effects, fonts, and transitions to make your video stand out. It is easy to learn with a particularly short learning curve. Furthermore, there is a multitude of learning materials about Wondershare Filmora accessible online in case you get stuck during your creative journey.


  • Extensive media library.
  • Multiple video export formats.
  • Rich animation effects.

4. Powtoon

Powtoon is a character-rich cartoon maker you can use to make animated videos for free. However, it also has pro and business license premium plans. As its name suggests, this software's video styles are primarily cartoon based, making it an ideal animation maker.

This animation maker has a simple outlook and design but is versatile and capable of creating sophisticated animation videos. Powtoon supports screen recording, meaning you can capture every step when creating a video.

Screen recording is helpful since you can reference your work later or use the recorded video to teach another person. Powtoon brings your ideas to life in a fun and colorful way.


  • Enables collaboration.
  • 3D characters.
  • Vast collection of media files.
  • Highly customizable templates.

5. Biteable

Biteable is a fast, fun, and easy-to-use cartoon maker that runs on any computer, even less powerful ones. It is a strong suit for creative animation templates, and you can find a preset scene for nearly any topic, such as marketing or sports. Creation only takes a short while, and you can merge several templates and customize them to your liking.

This platform is integrated with several video-sharing and social media platforms. Thus, once you create your animated clip, you can upload it to these sites directly. Alternatively, you can save the video locally and share it via other means.


  • Hundreds of pre-animated scenes.
  • Over a million stock images and videos.
  • Supports shared editing.

6. Renderforest

Whether you intend to create 3D and CG realistic videos or fun and engaging 2D animation videos, this tool is effective. Renderforest allows you to create high-impact videos that resonate with your audience quickly. It comes with a whiteboard animation and 3D video toolkit and over 500 templates categorized into multiple groups.

Renderforest lets you adjust the scene order and add music or a voiceover. This tool has a free version but offers several premium plans, so users can select one that fits them best. It is used by authoritative media houses such as BBC and Sony.


  • 250GB cloud storage.
  • Easy video sharing.
  • Many icon resources.
  • Comes with an explainer video toolkit.

7.  Vyond

Vyond is a web-based animation maker that is stacked with features and assets to enable you to make stunning videos. You can use this tool to create animated clips that vividly demonstrate any subject, even abstract ideas.

Vyond can help you impress your employer or promote your personal brand through high-quality videos supported by rich templates and unique characters. This software is easy to use and requires no technical experience to get started.

It is suitable for beginners and has a short learning curve. Vyond also has a special character creator that enables users to make their own reusable characters.


  • Allows access controls.
  • Enables shared editing.
  • Multiple animation styles.

8.  Animatron

Animatron is a high-end web-based cartooning software that provides a quick and efficient way to make animated videos. You can create presentations, explainer videos, whiteboard animations, banners, and HTML5 animations using this tool. Despite supporting some of the most high-end animating features, Animatron is easy to use.

It comes with 200+ customizable templates and the freedom to add your own media or select some from Animatron's library. You will also find animating tutorials on the site to help fasten your learning curve. These reference resources make mastering Animatron an exciting experience.


  • Over 500K royalty-free media.
  • Supports HTML5 animation.
  • Enables Keyframing for better control of character movement.

9. Moovly

Moovly is a cartoon maker that allows you to explore your animating creativity by enabling you to select between a doodle or cartoon-style animation. However, it is not limited to these choices, as you can even use your organization's or school's video style. This broad choice of video styles means you can never run out of unique designs to implement.

Unlike most other animation makers, Moovly offers a fully-featured free version and over 1 million media assets. These include royalty-free stock videos, sound effects, music, and motion graphics. Moovly is also integrated with the over 175 million digital assets on Shutterstock.


  • Multiple templates.
  • Drag and drop feature.
  • Easy video-sharing.

10.  Canva

Canva is an animation design tool that is widely used in video creation. It hosts desktop and mobile-friendly templates and lets you pick an aspect ratio that suits your target audience or media platform. With Canva, it takes only a few clicks to get started, select a template, and begin customizing your video.

Alternatively, you can develop your animated clip from scratch and personalize the characters, colors, fonts, transitions, and more. To help grab your audience's attention, Canva lets you define character movement by enabling them to slide, bounce, block, fade, and more. You can save time and still create high-quality, impressive videos with this animation creator.


  • 14 animation styles.
  • Instant animation through predesigned templates.
  • Animated characters.

Why Doratoon Tops The List

Below are a few reasons why Doratoon is the best choice for a web-based animation creator:

  1. Ease of use

Creating on Doratoon only requires you to make three simple steps. The tool is relatively easy to use, and the drag-and-drop feature increases its usability. Adding media and characters to your project only takes a single click.

  1. Royalty-free media

Doratoon offers tons of royalty-free media you can add to your video. This includes photos, videos, animated characters, and props. These resources are divided into multiple categories so you can easily identify what you require and apply it appropriately.

  1. AI intelligent drawing

You don't have to worry about lousy drawing skills while using Doratoon, as the integrated AI feature will smoothen the ragged edges for you. This leaves your sketches looking neater, more professional, and worthy of a quality animation video. AI drawing also predicts pencil thickness, appropriate animation effects, and color combinations.

  1. Customer support

Doratoon's team offers 24/7 customer support. While it is unlikely you will run into any problems that need professional support, the team is always available to answer your queries. Whenever you reach out to them, their response is prompt and helpful.


Finally, you now have ten incredible and effective animation tools you can select from for your cartooning needs. Whether you intend to make professional videos for work purposes or a fun video for your YouTube content, you can find a suitable software solution in this guide.

However, I recommend using Doratoon. Its simplicity, usability, and advanced features give it an edge over other cartoon makers.


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