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What Ruins your iPhone's Battery Health?

11 Jan 2023, 15:57 GMT+10

Are you constantly searching for a spot to charge your iPhone? If you are also one of those iPhone users looking for a power socket the moment you enter the room, you are not alone. There are several factors that affect the battery performance of your phone. So, before you are stuck without a charger, take a proactive approach to increase battery life.

Screen display breakages aside, battery-related issues are one of the most common complaints iPhone users have. There is no end of tips and tricks to help you get more out of your iPhone's battery. However, based on our experts' exhaustive testing, here are the everyday habits that drain your battery the fastest without even knowing it.

Exposing your iPhone to extreme temperatures

This is what happens when you expose your iPhone to extreme temperatures:

Too hot: If your device is exposed to temperatures higher than 35 degrees Celsius, this much heat can permanently damage the battery and will not last long on a given charge.

Too cold: If your mobile is in a freezing environment, the battery will lose its charge quickly. However, this is temporary and your phone will return to its normal condition when warms up.

  • Failing to turn on "low power mode"

Low power mode allows the battery life to adjust according to the battery percentage left and prevents further damage. In addition, it helps conserve the battery when it's close to zero per cent by temporarily reducing brightness and turning off features like iCloud sync and Airdrop that suck up the battery. So, if you do not turn this mode on in settings, the battery will drain super fast.

  • Searching for signals in the low service area

If you are in an underground metro or an area with low network coverage, switch your iPhone to Airplane mode. This way, you won't be able to make or receive any calls, but it will save your battery by preventing your phone from constantly searching for better network signals.

  • Too many notifications

Every time your phone gets a notification, the screen lights up and wear down battery health. Hence, it is better only to turn on notifications for apps that you use regularly. 

  • Not using auto-brightness

Dimming the brightness of your iPhone screen helps conserve battery power, but you cannot keep adjusting brightness all day long. That's when the auto brightness setting comes to the rescue. This tool will help adjust the screen to surrounding lighting conditions automatically.

  • Quitting apps constantly

Constantly opening and closing apps require battery power. You better leave apps open (while you use them) instead of closing and opening them between every new text or chat session.

  • Using mobile data when WiFi is available 

WiFi is better for your battery than mobile data and is also cheaper in most cases. So, there are two good reasons to use WiFi whenever it is available.

  • Charging when the battery is full

Once the battery is full, you should not keep the device plugged into the charger. If you keep charging past 100%, it can damage the battery. Also, it is better to charge your phone during the day, even in short bursts, instead of leaving it overnight. 

  • Letting your iPhone die

Allowing your iPhone to go down to zero charging is not good for the battery. It is worse than charging it past 100 per cent. These two habits can lead to battery replacement very soon. To keep the battery in good shape, plug your iPhone in when it is charged at around 40 per cent.

  • Keeping unnecessary apps

If you have apps on your phone that you don't use, delete them; mainly if they use a lot of battery power. Do not leave apps you rarely see running in the background of your phone. This is because keeping your storage neat will help increase your iPhone's battery life.

If your old iPhone is showing performance issues that are way worse than just a battery replacement, you can buy the latest refurbished iPhone from a reliable company like Mobile Guru. As an Australian-owned licensed reseller, they offer up to 24 months warranty and 30 days return policy. To know more, call on 1300 362 017 or email at

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