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Are you someone who has too many shoes? Or, do you know someone who owns a massive collection of shoes and is often seen cribbing about shoe storage? Well, you have probably reached the right place where you get to learn some effective hacks to handle your shoe storage dilemmas when you have a lot of them. Shoes are both a source of joy and frustration as they can add extra elegance to your whole attire and can even prove to be hazardous, spoiling the ambience of your room when you see them piled up one over another. Shoe struggles are real and can irk you by going missing when you need them desperately to match your outfit. Also, many who have shoe storage cabinets are unaware of storing them right, which can possibly cause damage and wear and tear. So, here you go. Here in this guide, we pen down a few space-saving shoe storage hacks that will help you with your shoe organisation inspiration:

Spare your floors

When it comes to storing shoes, most of the time, you either carelessly chuck them off in any corner of your house and then play the Queen of Sheba game, hunting for your shoes when you need them. Or, you either store them on the floor of your cupboard, which can again make it a challenging task to hunt for the same when your clothes and other utilities lie drooping over each other. The chances of accruing wear and tear also hike up when you move them here and there to search for a pair that matches your outfit.

So, don't just throw your shoes and sandals anywhere in a heap and save them from facing the wrath of being unorganised., instead place them in a line with space in between and consider getting a shoe storage cabinet to treat your shoe collection in the right way. After all, you have spent money on buying them, right?

Avoid wire racks

Another option people choose is wired racks, which is again a no-no if you wish to keep your shoes serving for long, especially your heels. These wired contraptions are not built in such a manner to hold all your shoe possessions and thus are no less than a nightmare when you find your shoes getting scratched, chipped and acquiring other damages. So, make sure that you look for other options over wire racks.

Find out if you are in dire need of shoe storage cabinets

Are you someone who stores all your shoe pairs without realising that half of them have gone unserviceable? Do you have a habit of collecting shoes even if they no longer fit you? If this is your case, you need to overcome such grandma habits because shoe storage does not come for free.

Thus, before you buy a storage solution, ensure whether you really need it because besides the investment, storage cabinets also occupy space, and if you are someone fighting a space crunch at home, it can unnecessarily add to the floor space. In other cases, you can also consider repurposing a study desk with shelves or any other book rack to store your shoes without making any further investment to welcome all your foot beauties.


Use plastic shoe boxes

If the space inside your home does not allow you to purchase a shoe cabinet in Australia and forces you to look for other alternatives, then clear shoe boxes with lids can be a saviour. These shoe boxes not only give each pair of your shoes secluded storage but also keep your shoes safe and can be stored anywhere without causing any harm to your footwear.

May it be under the bed, below your cupboard or the bottom shelves of your wardrobe, it can go just anywhere. Also, if you are using open shoe racks for storage, these shoe boxes with lids are going to walk an extra mile to ensure the safety of your shoes.


Pay special attention to the boots

Almost every girl loves boots, and they usually adorn your feet only during the winter months. Thus for all the time they sit idle in your storage cabinet, you need to bestow extra care on them so that they stay in good condition. The very first thing to follow to store boots is to keep them upright because, depending on their length, they are prone to flop over their neighbours or occupy additional space. Also, to keep them in shape, it is necessary that you stuff inside them plastic bottles, acid-free paper, rolled up magazines or use boot shapers if possible to get your boots standing in the attention position.


Gop for shoe baskets

All those sneakers and flip-flops you have in your collection are mostly designed to withstand rough housing compared to the other shoes, bellies, boots and sandals. So, if you use them quite often and cannot give them space inside your overwhelming shoe storage cabinet, you can consider buying a shoe basket or cubby and stashing them inside it, as they do not require high-end and precious storage. They can be stashed in shoe bins, shoe baskets, cubbies or any other alternative that you can think of to give them a shoe home.


We hope this quick guide helps all the shoe enthusiasts reading this to get over their shoe storage blues using space saver options to store all their shoe possessions. So, do not just confine this guide to yourself, and spread the word so you and your friend can all stay organised and can get over those messy heaps and dumping of shoes.

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